Generator / UPS Installations


Many institutions in both the private and public sector, from major computer-based operations to hospitals and care homes, require uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and back-up generators.

Secure Systems provides a range of solutions in this field, handling the installation of all wiring and connections and providing a maintenance and support service that guarantees a prompt response in the event of emergencies.


Diesel Generator installations are the only way to ensure automatic standby power protection that really works when you need it the most.

Power Protection and Diesel Generators are synonymous with each other, furthermore, the only serious way to guarantee emergency power for critical systems.

Secure Systems design, build and install automatic generator power protection systems across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

We are able to supply generators designed specifically to suit clients’ needs, based on the calculation for loadings with regard to clients’ requirement for essential services. The generators we supply range in size from 60KVA to 1500KVA, single phase or 3 phase LV/HV, including all necessary cabling works, switchgear, auto change-over panels and commissioning


A UPS is permanently connected to the mains and powers essential load equipment 24 hours per day, 365 days per year for its entire lifetime. Unnecessary losses incurred by an incorrectly sized or aged UPS can cost the user thousands in wasted electricity.

A site survey of the current UPS loading along with associated electrical infrastructure will highlight where users could make improvements to the general operation of their system.

A site survey or efficiency audit can be completed onsite by an engineer without interruption or risk to the critical load.  A detailed report is then issued to the user for consideration or further discussion.

When planning the electrical installation for a large project or data room installation, it is crucial that communications between the various contractors and the customer are unhindered by self-interest; the prime motive has to be the interests of the client.

Installing an emergency power supply system into an existing or new building can call for many specialised skills, which are not always available through a conventional electrical contractor. Where a Generator and UPS system are being installed, many technical considerations have to be well thought through and planned, for example:

  • Where can the switchgear be placed for maximum benefit?
  • What sort of cooling is required to maintain maximum efficiency and prolong battery life?
  • Where should the UPS be sited to maximise space?
  • What sort of access is required for maintenance?
  • What if any exhaust fume extraction is need for the generator?
  • What are the best type of data coms for both the generator and UPS
  • What type of UPS is best suited to run with an existing generator?

We’ll carry out a full site assessment free of charge, including access, space and floor loadings of either your communication room UPS or generator space. We’ll then arrange delivery and placement, arranging special lifting and craneage if needed and we will take care of all the electrical and mechanical installation work needed.

Our highly skilled field-service engineers will then commission and test the complete power protection system. They work in accordance with factory-issued commissioning procedures and written method statements and provide full commissioning certification for warranty validation.

Whether you have decided upon generator hire or a longer term solution such as purchase or long term leasing for your generator or UPS system, we can offer you a complete one stop solution. From mechanical to electrical installation, our engineers are fully qualified and hold invaluable years of experience of installation in almost every industry.

Full project management

Extensive network of trained field service engineers

NICEIC Certification

SafeContractor scheme

“Secure Systems have been an integral part of NCRbodyshops for more than 10 years now. They are competent and efficient in everything from routine PAT testing through to completely rewiring our industrial units and offices. It's not just the big jobs, though; they will also come in and sort out minor problems as well.”
Christine Maskill
Managing Director, NCRbodyshops
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