Fire Alarm Installations

Fire Alarm Installations

Commercial smoke, heat and fire alarm detection systems to keep your people and property safe.

Early detection of fire and smoke is essential to give you time to evacuate your building quickly whilst your tailored fire system takes control of the situation. If you are under the watchful eye of our trained professionals, your monitoring team can alert the emergency services or contain, control and extinguish the fire with sprinkler systems, preventing costly damage.

Commercial Fire Alarm and Protection Systems

We install a range of fire and smoke warning systems for businesses, offices, warehouses and other commercial enterprises, including:

Fire Sounders and Beacons: We can install a wide range of sounders which can incorporate different tones, sound dispersion patterns, evacuation signals and lights. These can be triggered either automatically by sensors in smoke detectors or heat detectors, or activated through manual call/break glass points.

Manual call points/break glasses: These are available in a range of materials from real glass and tempered glass, to plastics and other materials designed to break more safely.

Heat detectors: In areas, such as kitchens, where a degree of smoke and steam are normal and safe, a heat detector is the perfect device for protecting you from unsafe rises in temperature.

Smoke detectors: A smoke detection system or smoke alarm can buy you those crucial extra minutes needed to evacuate your property, offices and buildings.

Carbon Monoxide detectors: Carbon monoxide can escape from fires, water heaters and car exhaust from garages, and many other sources but without a CO detector it’s impossible for you to know if your air quality has been compromised.

Integrated Systems

At Secure Systems we have the experience, skills and knowledge to install a wide range of fire and security products. We can design a system that is specific to your needs and even integrate it so the entire system can be controlled from one device.

Whatever fire or security system you require – why not have a chat with one of our expert consultants today on 01635 261654.

Worried about the risk of fire when away from your property? We can offer 24/7 monitoring to ensure your property is tended to in an emergency, and our accreditations prove we have been trained and regulated in all areas of fire system design, installation, commissioning and maintenance. 

“We would like to thank Secure Systems for the prompt attention to sorting out the electrical issues with our new property. We were particularly impressed by your knowledgeable staff and the manner in which they conducted themselves. All the work was carried out on time and to our satisfaction.”
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