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Emergency Lighting


Emergency lighting is an important safety consideration for modern day living. Office and industrial buildings, or specialised service buildings such as hospitals and care homes, all need to be equipped with lighting features that ensure safety in the event of emergencies, such as well-lit exits and fire escapes.
At Secure Systems we are able to offer a complete range of emergency lighting installations, from a single unit with a test switch to a multi-faceted system offering maintained or unmaintained units, all compliant with local fire brigade and local council requirements.

Do we need emergency lighting?

YES. This is a primary life safety system which is required to assist the occupants of any premises to evacuate in the event of an emergency. Emergency Lighting can and does save lives. It should be remembered that if artificial lighting is installed in the work place, then Emergency Lighting is a mandatory requirement.

Why do we need emergency lighting?

The installation of a minimum level of emergency lighting is a legal requirement following assessment of both fire risk and means of escape.

According to The Fire Precaution (workplace) regulations 1997:
Compliance with other standards such as BS5266. Part 7, 1998 and The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) 1996 etc will also be required.


We would like to thank Secure Systems for the prompt attention to sorting out the electrical issues with our new property. We were particularly impressed by your knowledgeable staff and the manner in which they conducted themselves. All the work was carried out on time and to our satisfaction.
Wilf and Angela


We have used Secure Systems for several years and are happy to recommend them as a professional, experienced and dedicated company. We like their ability to act quickly in responding to our clients' needs, which is very important to us as a fast track fit-out contractor.
Office Principles
Cyril Parsons, Partner